Monday, May 13, 2013


This restaurant is in West Linn, about 4 miles from my house.

I was going on a dinner date with Mike and although I really wanted to go somewhere with a river view, I know view places often have lousy food and service.  A quick check on Yelp confirmed that I was right (for this area), so I decided to try a place that had the best service according to Yelp.  This led me to make reservations at Allium in West Linn.

The service was excellent, as I had hoped.  So was the food.  We ordered the famous duck fat and rosemary french fries for an appetizer, and were not disappointed.

For the main course, Mike had seafood paella, which he said was not rubbery or gritty as most paellas tend to be.  He said it was the best ever and he ate every bite and would gladly order it again.

I ordered the trout, which led to this funny story. My trout was served pan-fried, with tail and head.  The tail was still attached to the body, all fanned out.  The fish had been completely decapitated, but the head was artfully placed on the plate so that it appeared the fish was looking up and smiling at me.  It took me all of one second to decide that I was not going to eat my meal staring at a fish head.  I told the server, "You really didn't need to bring me the face."  And then as he was protesting that it wasn't his fault, I used my fork to scoop the fish head onto my appetizer plate and I gave it right back to him.  We had a laugh about it, and he took it back to the kitchen, where a group of 3 waitstaff were later seen leaning over my appetizer plate.  

Later, a woman at the table behind me ordered the trout.  "Just so you know," I heard the server say, "it comes with the head."  As if this was not negotiable.

"I know," she said, "I've had it before." as if it were no big deal.


I really wish I had taken a photo before I sent it back.

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