Saturday, April 27, 2013

Clackamette Park

Clackamette Park is a little over 2 miles from my house.  It's a large grassy park that is riverside.  There's also an RV park and boat launch.  It's good for picnics.  There's a swingset, but no other playground toys that I could see.  Once my toddlers figured out there was a river, they didn't care about the swings anyway.

Green Grocer

(Update: Feb 2015...this store went out of business and is now closed.)

Green Grocer is a teeny grocery store less than a mile from my house.  We went in and picked up some organic bananas, also quite teeny.  Libby ate 2 in one sitting.

It appears that it used to be someone's house.  When I opened the front door I was greeted by a large cat that was sitting next to the register.  As I closed the door, he ran outside.  The cashier said it was ok.

Mike is looking to make some really good homemade ginger ale and he was told to get ginger of vietnamese origin.  The cashier said she didn't know the origin of her ginger.  I thought that was strange.

Viewpoint at mile marker 7 I-205N

From Portland to go home, I head northbound on the 205. A couple miles before downtown Oregon City there's a viewpoint over Willamette Falls.  If it's not cloudy, there's also a great view of Mt Hood.

I was on my way home from a hike when the sun was setting on Mt Hood, so I pulled over to get this picture.

Library City Park

Library City Park is just across the street from the library, and another park called Library Park.  We like Library City Park as opposed to Library Park because it has a fence around it, to keep the kids from running into traffic.  There are swings, a play structure, and a grassy area.  All the swings are big kid swings.  No baby swings.  So, we may not return for a while, because although Mae can do the big kid swings, she's still enough of a baby that she thinks when she wants to get off she can just let go.  Which she did last time we were there and she just about broke her neck.

This park is less than one mile from my house.