Monday, March 18, 2013

Singer Hill Cafe

During our first couple of weeks in Oregon City, we didn't venture out much beyond the big chain grocery stores and home improvement stores.

Our first local lunch out was at Singer Hill Cafe.  This is less than one mile from my house.

Counter service, soups and sandwiches.  Outdoor seating available on the sidewalk and also on a patio you can get to from inside the cafe.  3 dining rooms inside, as well as a 4th room with art on display.

Play area available for kids (no food allowed in play area), as shown here, in front of the vertical garden.

We went without kids.

We both ordered grilled sandwiches, which were grilled without any oil, and therefore were oddly dry. Still, pretty good food and ambience, and we already have plans to try it again because I'll be attending a fundraising event there in the near future.

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