Monday, March 18, 2013

Portland Aquarium

Updated July 2016: The Portland Aquarium is now closed. The building has been torn down and will soon be replaced with a Goodwill.

The Portland Aquarium is actually located in Milwaukie, which is 4 miles from my house.

It is not a world-class aquarium, but is well-staffed by biologists and has plenty of tanks and hands-on areas.  We visited on a Sunday, and it was pretty crowded.  They have birthday party areas and a playground/jungle gym area for kids.

Two rooms were advertised with "coming soon" exhibits: birds and otters.

I don't think I'll be likely to return until: a) the birds and otters arrive, and b) my toddlers are a little older.  They were more interested in running around than actually watching the fish.

The aquarium has fish, eels, jellyfish, starfish, several stingrays, and I saw one tiny shark.  I'm not a biologist so I may have named those things incorrectly, but in layman's terms, that's what I saw.

It's dark inside, so these are some not-so-great pictures taken with my phone.

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